Are You Planning Your Move?

Patafie’s 5 Easy Steps to make your move easier, stress free and more economic

Step 1

Do a walkthrough of your house well in advance of your move date. Take an approximate inventory of what you have. You will need to make visits to Patafie’s Retail or Online Store to place your orders. Look in every space of your home: Under beds, all drawers, closets, storage space, crawlspace and sheds and garage.

Step 2

Gather your moving supplies from Patafie’s into one spot in your house, this will ensure your packing items will not get packed or lost during this process. Use your tables in the house as your “packing area”.

Step 3

Depending on the time of year some products can be dangerous to pack. Paints, chemicals and some cleaning products/flammables can not be trusted during winter months, they may crack or explode which can leak through the boxes and damage other packed goods. Try to use these products up well in advance of your move date and purchase new ones once you are in your new Home. If it is necessary to move these products use a plastic bin, which are available for Rent or Purchase at Patafie’s Moving Supplies and Rentals.

Step 4

Have at least three 2 cubic Foot Boxes set aside to place items that you are going to need first once you move to your new home.

Step 5

Throw away any un-useable objects. Any items that you are not using, it is a good time to donate to local schools, churches or organizations. Moving costs time and money, it is senseless to move junk and unwanted items.

Keep in Mind

Don’t overload your boxes. Sometimes maximizing a load per box is not beneficial. Carefully read the description of “What Goes in What Box”

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